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wavelab problem

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21 years
hi all

I noticed strange thing on my wavelab 6.

could someone try to reproduce this "bug" ?
I did it on 2 PCs with different soundcards (RME Multiface and Mytek )

how to do it :

1. connect on your sound card ins 1+2 with outs 1+2
2. use external gear plugin in wavelab 6 (external effects on 1+2)
3. render audio - make your file to have 1 second of silence at the beggining
4. zoom first second of audio
5. is there sometgin strange there ?
(here is what i get : )

with the same settings and external connections I do not get this strange
"bug" on cubase 4 .

does anyone can confirm it ?

thanks for help .


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21 years

Member Mon, 04/21/2008 - 06:24
here is kind of complete combination of audio and pictures of this bug i get in wavelab:

try it yourself please.




TEST WAVE - is 5 seconds of silence

cubase wave - is output of cubase file rendered with external gear
wavelab wave - isresult of rendering in wavelab.

please zoom results with your audio editor and see the differences .

do you think its bug ?

please opinions