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What about the Line 6 Pod/ Amp Farm?

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21 years
I have always recorded using good guitars and amps (and players when we get them :roll: )so much so that we have a fairly nice collection of both here at the studio. But I have also been reading that the PT guys really like the Amp Farm. Assuming that the Pod is some what the same I am curious as to what everyone thinks about the Pod and what are some of the things you do with it.

I was thinking of getting one to use mostly for getting "different" sounds.

PS, I ask this question here and not in guitars because I wanted to hear what engineers and producers do with them not just players.


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21 years

Member Sat, 08/11/2001 - 01:43

why oh why do we have to make such general statements about everything!! i love great amp tone. i love the pod too! who cares if its digital or tube or solid state or alien technology if it works in your track then cool.

it all comes back to people dissing ADATS. " so and so's record was tracked on ADATS and it really lacks the blah blah blah and the bottom end is really blah blah blah...

haven't we all heard heard records done in million dollar studios that sound like million dollar bags-o-shite ? or what about the indie record cut in a kids bedroom on a 4 track that is making you pull your hair out cuz your ssl cant sound that cool ?

lets get back to making big stinky plates of heaving rock and roll and if the pod sounds better than the kids crate amp then use the f'in pod. if the guy wheels in a buddah do ya think i'm gonna break out my pod ? hell no...

whatever..sorry for being a bitch.


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Member Sat, 08/11/2001 - 07:03
Yesss, Harry, my what a "bitch" you are. Just kidding. Ov gorse uurrr rIte. But.. this is all nebulous enough, that when someone finds a subtle distinction amoung the myraid millions, it's nice to have it pointed out.. so that when you listen, you can have your ears especially perked for a particular "quality", about which you can then agree or disagree, much like a buddy punching you in the ribs lightly to draw your attention to a delictable deliciousness walking by you haven't yet noticed. Maybe she'll be your cup of D, maybe not. You may like 'em more subtle, and that's fine. I'll take her. Paul