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what would be better?

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In your experience what do you feel is better. A DAW with some really nice mic pres and mixed entirely in the computer. Or a DAW with a bunch of channels of pretty good converters running into a decent (not ssl or neve, more like an MCI or trident 65)analog board avoiding the DAW's mix bus. I'm about to aquire either some decent mic pres like the API 4 channel mic pre/mixer and a Vintech 1272, or an old analog board in the 5 to 7K range. Everything I record is pretty aggresive rock music so I dont need anything thats too clean. The bands I record just want it "loud and full". Also recommendations on a good analog board would be appreciated.


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Guest Sun, 08/26/2001 - 14:54
You didn't mention which DAW, but I'd say chances are pretty good that anything you'll end up with for $5-7k isn't going to be as good as the 'mix bus' in the DAW system.

Good pre's, compressors, equalizers, and converters for the way in should net you a superior result.

As for the differences between an MCI 400 and a Trident, that's like the difference between a "Honda Shadow" and an "H-D Lowrider". They both have two wheels and two cylinders, but the similarity ends there.

The MCI, assuming it's seen capacitors since the 'Ford Administration' is great for either recording to, or mixing through. If you plan on using it both ways, I'd highly recommend that you remove the transformers from the 'line in path' and replace it with a well designed differential circuit.

It'll have a ton more headroom than the Trident 65 (which with a few chip and PSU mods can be made to sound pretty damn good), but it'll also be more maintenance intensive [it'll break more often].

Best of luck to both of have your work cut out for you!!

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planet red Sun, 08/26/2001 - 15:21
I'm using a digi001 with a RME 8 channel converter that I should be receiving any day. I already feel that mixing everything down to 4 outputs and running out of the 001's horrible D/A's into my mackie 1202 into a DAT sounds better then the bounce to disk function. I was thinking if I got an older analog board and ran all the important stuff out of the RME's 8 outs and submixed the less important stuff out of the 001 I could get a better sound then running 4 001 outs into the mackie, that sounds harsh and grainy, but gives me a bigger sound that doesnt sound like everythings on top of each other. Then again, I also dont have any good pres. Damn I need more money.