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What's My Next Front End?

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I'm currently using a Yamaha AW4416 as my front end mixer. I track through a Sytek MPX-4A to the Yamaha, and connect to Nuendo through ADAT Lightpipe through a Nuendo Digiset. I have found the sound quality of 24 bit at 48k to be decent sound quality, but wonder what some other (better) options would be in terms of a front end for my system. I hate the thought of relearning another board, but would like to know what things are out there that would improve the sound quality even more. Maybe what I'm doing is fine, but I would like to know what some of you folks think.



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Bobby Loux Sun, 11/16/2003 - 21:47

a bit of clarification. it appears to me you're using two sets of converters. the Yamaha AW4416 a self contained recording board, and the Nuendo Digiset which is a breakout box containg its own set of converters.

a few folks I know use the AW4416 as a complete front end to there digi001 (bypassing the 001 breakout box completely) due to the Yami's better mic pres's, A/D/A converters, and its portability for location tracking.

does the Digiset breakout box converters sound better than the Yamaha's? you seem to be using the Sytek (which is a very nice pre) to track with. does that mean you're just using the Yamaha to mix with?

sounds like you have a ton of options already with your front end. if you're not happy with the AW4416 and dont need its self contained recording options, you could look into the new Yamaha 01V96 which is a significant upgrade from the 01V which was a significant upgrade (pres/converters)to the AW4416. the 01V96 could be your front end (converters, pre's and mixing desk) and you can still patch in the Sytek via line inputs to the 01V96 using those A/D converters giving you a different mic pre flavor.

as far as the Digiset, I guess i dont see where you need that at all (unless its converters sound better than the as you can see, I'm not real sure what it is you're not diggen about your front end. If anything it sounds like you have more than enough.

unless you're ready to streamline and get rid of what you dont need and get other things you need!


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archived member Fri, 11/21/2003 - 19:01
Actually, I don't think the Digiset has any converters in it - does it? It is just the interface to get the digital signal into my computer. I am using the ADAT lightpipes out of the AW and going to the digiset using the ADAT inputs. So, it's already a digital signal when it hits that. I love my Sytek, and the Yamaha is a great machine. I actually am pretty happy with the sound quality I am getting, especially at 24 bit. However, I was just wondering if there was another mixer with better converters and pre's and it sounds like the O1v96 is a step up. I don't know how much it would improve the sound quality of my recording, and there's nobody closeby that sells them so that I could check it out. Thanks for your response.