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Would need some help using Wavelabs 5

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Hi i am new to using Wavelabs 5 and i would need some help here. I have played around a lot with the software by now and I have learned a few things except, the main thing. How to get my mixing, editing and mastering going. See i have recorded my songs on my Yamaha Aw-1600 and put them on CD's, which makes them to a CDa. file. And all i am trying to do with my songs in Wavelabs 5 is to import them, mix and edit (8 channels). And master to a final product. I got 2 demos to go through. I hope that somebody out there can help me, it would be so great!
So, can i import CDa. files which my songs are as, then break the songs back to 8 channels on Wavelabs 5 to be able and mix, edit and then master them.
Thanks for your time,