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Yamaha MSP5s vs. HS50?

Right now the Resolv 80a's are waaayy to boomy and flabby to get accurate mixes in my oddly shaped room. I'm ditching them for something smaller, more accurate and able to be revealing at low volumes.

I'd like to stay within $500-700 for active monitors. Nothing larger than a 6.5 inch driver.

I really like what I've read about the MSP5s but all my local music stores have only the HS series in stock for me to test. Still, I can purchase the MSP5s from several stores online...I'd just rather hear them first.

Can anyone give me some real world comparos between the HS50's and the MSP5's? I really, really like what I read about the MSP5s from Kurts review. The specs on the HS50s look to be more mid-enhancing and lacking in the lowend compared to the MSP.

I'm open to other suggestions, too... just keep in mind my budget and requirements: FLAT freq. response, 5 or 6 in. driver, detailed at medium to medium low volumes. Thanks.