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Does CD ripping software/CD drive effect quality of the rip, for archival purposes

Hey all, I'm digitizing my CD collection in the next month or so. (edit technically it already is digital but, u get what I mean) This is so I can have acesso to it from anywhere, as CD players are more and more rare. Since this is archival, I want as close to an exact copy of the CD as possible, ripped inTo the computer. They have usb CD burners on Amazon for like $20. So I was thinking one of those.

There are a couple free ripping programs out there claiming to be "bit perfect" and one even has some online files of popular songs, so you can cross reference your rip with it, to make sure your drive is working properly, and there are no errors on the rip. File size doesn't bother me, I want the full uncompressed version.

This is the freeware I was considering.

So, is there any reason to believe this does better than say windows media player at ripping .wav files? Is there a certain level of quality for the drive I should get? I'd like to avoid manually naming each song and album, so I'd like to make sure the program downloads the album info.

Any thoughts and suggestions are welcome.