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Software for making music for video + games (sequencers)

So heres the deal. I use Cubase Studio 4 for most of my recording as far as bands and live instruments. As far as midi instruments, making beats and making whole songs with virtual instruments, I've tried Reason and have an unregistered full version of Fruity Loops.

I like the hardware setup in Reason, and I like how there are tons of add ons available for it but I really hate the arrangement window is (takes a lot to get used to it) and I dislike the fact that you seem to NEED a midi controller/keyboard to use it (instead of drawing).

In Fruity Loops, its really easy to draw and create patterns, but I feel like there is a lack of plugins and samples.

I am looking for software that is great for making whole songs, whether it is an orchestra or string song for a movie/video, or a downtempo rock hybrid song for a sci-fi PC game. I do NOT like to use pre made loops, but I like to have samples of lots of kick drums and snares and sound effects and be able to just choose preset sounds for strings, percussion, drum sets, etc.

I know a lot of software will come with the "basics" and then there are VSTs and add ons etc... But I am looking for something in between Reason and Fruity Loops. Whats cool is with Fruity Loops I can map out drums nice and import it into Cubase Studio 4 and then record real instruments over that. Reason seems a little more complex in that sense. Maybe I just have to get used to it.

Can anyone recommend or at least make me feel like I am making a choice? I can get these titles at for really cheap, and while my school provides Reason 3.0 at school, I want a version at home too, I recently just got a project for doing music for Chaos Unreal Tournament 3 (a modification for the upcoming UT3 game).

So I need something better to work with. Any suggestions would be extremely helpful so I can make a decision =)