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Soundcraft Spirit Auto(mation software)

I just got my new board! A Soundcraft Spirit Auto made in 1993 and am SO very happy about it, (anyone want to buy a good used Topaz 24/8?).

So, here's my question: the board was made in 1993 and the automation software seems to be obsolute and/or unavailable. The manual states that it can be run by Cubase, JL Cooper stuff, Soundcarft software (mac only) as well as "any sequencer".

Now I don't run code, I'm all audio - no midi. But I would love to get some simple automation going - snapshots that I can return to, instant zeroing of the board or maybe even recalling where the desk was when last I shut a song down. .

Does any body have any experience with the board or the automation?


Charles Rieser
Southwind Studio
Austin, Tx


Marc Edwards Sun, 11/04/2001 - 18:34

I'm just guessing but if it can be run by 'any sequencer' then it sounds like it's driven by MIDI. You should be able to easily set up some MIDI tracks in ProTools to record any snapshots and/or automation. Or you could run a MIDI sequencer if you're not using PT, or you could use a variety of other MIDI recording hardware products if you don't like using computers :D

Please let us know if you have any luck!

anonymous Tue, 11/06/2001 - 08:22


Ahhhh..I knew my years spent recording in budgetary challenged sweatboxes for peanuts would come in handy some day !

Yep, I've used that beast. From what I remember, you need to run a seqencer (I used Cubase) locked up to MTC or SMTPE both ways and then you can record your automation moves and mutes into a midi track of that, edit it there if you like, then the desk uses that in playback.

Perversely, the Topaz is a better sounding desk, especially the mic pres, which use some pretty hi spec amp chips for a budget desk..(and are used in some big desks) about some external VCA automation or the topaz auto option instead ?

anonymous Tue, 11/06/2001 - 16:04

Thanks everyone for the helpful ideas. I haven't had a chance yet to try any of them out as all week I've been in someone else's studio being a guitar player again (!).
I think my Topaz is an older model, the pre's never really rocked my world. Also, I like the Soundcraft eq's alot better.

Thanks again,