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fixing my SM57

Hi guys, I have a broken SM57, which basically was broken in the way that the signal from mic was very very weak. i.e. you could only hear it if i turned my mic up way loud and turned mic up on the preamp...

so I opened it up. the yellow and green wire is connected the mid part fine, so i thought must be something to do with the transducer part.

I opened it up further, and saw 2 bits of yellow tape taping down a thin coper wire connecting the transducer to the mid portion. I took off these yellow tape, along with the copper wire.

what do I do next? Can i just solder wires from the top metal chuck to the mid portion or do I have to use copper wire?

You can see from the pic there is still some copper wire hanging about but this is not connected to anything. where should this connect?

I have a feeling that the connection here was dodgy causing the weak signal..

O and i'm basically trying to fix it for the sake of fixing it
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mdb Tue, 02/22/2011 - 16:21
Re-solder it to the post there. If you take the nut off the rod you can access the diaphragm. There were two small red wires that broke off both of mine. Usually happens when someone rotates the outer capsule on the SM57 (because they do turn) thinking they're loose, trying to tighten them (don't, they just spin). The wires twist around that center rod, tighten and SNAP!! I'll never do that again... I had to fix mine - they were my first.:rolleyes:

I'm surprised there is no sheath around that copper wire. Maybe an older mic.
Got any zoomed out pictures?




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