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If A Tube Mic has its own Power Supply is A Micpre Necessary

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Greetings and salutations to all you recording enthusiasts. I'm gonna be purchasing an SE z5600a tube mic pretty soon. Thing is i've acknowledged that fact that it does come with its own power supply which can provide 48v of phantom power. My question is will a seperate mic pre(Grace Design 101) be necessary to juice up the mic???



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TeddyG Sun, 01/22/2006 - 17:25

Thankx for the links! REMY is a woman I can look-up to! I love to "git' bitchy", myself! Just ask my legions of former bosses! I believe very few truths change ears without controversy -- most folk just want to "stay sweet", as they slide right down the tubes to oblivion.



(Referring to the second link from Lerxst) Shake 'em up, REMY! If "they" give you any guff, I'll help you scratch their eyes out! BITCHES UNITE!!!

Again though, much as I love to push people for work(God knows I need it!), I am not doing so with you! I have(Or had) no idea whether you used/did/needed VO talent(Or maybe even me?), just enjoy your posts and replies, learn from same, saw you were in one of my favorite areas, rather near me, and wondered what you do, generally... I LOVE Baltimore! I'm a train fan, A "Bay" fan, a boat fan(I sort've "own" a little boat, but that's a long story, that I hope to make shorter, soon. If I get the thing and get it going, We'll go sailing on the "Inner Harbor"(Or the "Outer Harbor", wherever that is?) - soon as I learn HOW to sail! - and reflect on "the biz"(In my, relatively speaking, very minor league fashion), life, whatever... Love to see some pix of your projects! I'm sure we all would!(I have a 4x5 view camera and B&W darkroom - sadly, due to my poorness and lazyness, being suplanted by digital "snaps") "The Audio Oasis" sounds neat-o, with my sad facility simply being a tiny part of the vast, barren desert surrounding it... -- I don't mind sharing my email address... ANY email I get(Bridge in Brooklyn or "sexual helper" to sell? Send me an email!) can only help defer the intense loneliness of my shallow and confused existence......

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TeddyG Tue, 01/17/2006 - 16:52
Alright. No more jealousy(I have too many other people and things to be jealous about)...

I will say one thing:

If I was going to buy a $750 dollar mic, and now I KNOW it's going to need a preamp of some sort, I'd get a pretty darned good mic pre to go with it! Like one close-in-price to the price of the mic, itself. Though the Grace 101, which does not cost quite as much, or similar(One of the Sebatron's, mayhaps?), would be lovely, I'm sure, I would not bother with anything much less - no $69.95 jobbers...

It's my back! Didn't get to sleep until 7am today! Did get a nice nap in later, though. Lots of Advil, hot shower, take it easy. I feel better now.

"...Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain..."

Far as the "pre/no pre? question itself goes, been there, asked similar, myself - and will again.


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pmolsonmus Tue, 01/17/2006 - 19:05
Matlock always gets the bad guy!

Sh*t ! . I thought maybe...just this once... now I guess I'll go watch CSI too

Why does someone always have to spoil the party.

BTW - I checked out the Performing Arts Section of Citrus College and...I'm not makin' this up. Upcoming Guest Artists are...

Shirley Jones, Pat Boone and... (wait for it)
Don Knotts.

Now I know Shirley can sing despite her Patrige Family gig, Pat Boone... well a little too white bread for my taste, but okay...
Don Knotts? on an artist series