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Need replacement tube

Okay - so my beloved K2 is apparently having a problem with the factory tube. For the first 30 minutes of a session, it sounds fine. After that, the mic starts to get very thin and muffled to the point where it eventually stops receiving/sending signal at all.

So, I'm looking for a replacement but I'm not good at which tube can replace what with minimal problem.

The tube that they use is a dual triode 6922. I have several Mullard 12AX7s laying around which are also dual triode - will these work and if not, recommendations for a tube within the GT Gold series would be very helpful (as I can get those locally and they are easily stocked and I need it ASAP).




Cucco Tue, 05/02/2006 - 13:21
Thanks jonyoung.

I just called him. I have to admit - he wasn't very helpful or nice. The website's info is good, but he seemed quite short with me and flip when I asked him some basic questions.

I called Rode however and they are taking care of me. They're shipping out a replacement tube and will have it to me within 2 days.

Gotta love good customer service!!

TeddyG Tue, 05/02/2006 - 15:05
Roger on the customer service. I would rather have a "decent" anything with excellent TS, than a wonderful anything with bad TS... Hope your Rode experience works out as planned... I've not had the opportunity to use one yet, but, Rode does appear to be a fine company...

BTW: If you get your new tube and that's what the problem was, I'd get on the horn and order at least one more, right away... Nice to keep tubes "in stock".

Speaking, though, of tubes... I don't know what a 6922, is? However, on the web there are numerous "cross reference" tube sites(As someone else suggested earlier), which may point the way to "other" direct-replacement tubes you might like to try even if you already have a working tube(And, lots of the tube sellers are very nice and very knowledgeable!). My DBX 376 mic pre, for instance came with a 12AU7A, but, DBX TS said I might want to try a 12AX7A, to see if I like the difference? I tried it and, actually, heard no quality difference(I have no ears left, I'm old and my speakers are bad), though the 12AX7A may be "louder", I'm not sure? New speakers are in, waiting for cables, maybe I'll give them all another listen - I have a half dozen or so, from Japanese oldies to RCA to Telefunken...

Anyway, not saying that Rodes choice of tube isn't the perfect tube, but, manufacturers often are "stuck", to at least some degree using what there are lots of, or what are reasonably priced, not neccessarily what might be "better"? So, if you can find "same spec subs" give them a try, you might like them?

Amateur radio flea markets(Ham fests) are good places to look, if you know what you want and what you should pay... I've found quite alot of recording/SR gear at these things, too..!


jonyoung Tue, 05/02/2006 - 19:20
Yeah, he's a grump...or just plain antisocial. But he does have a nice selection of stuff. I think he burned out on people asking what a certain tube would sound like in an unknown piece of gear. His turnaround is quick, and all the tubes I've ever bought from him have been good, if that's any help for future consideration. Glad that Rode is being helpful for you.

Cucco Thu, 05/04/2006 - 07:48
I thought I'd give an update...

Yesterday at around 0900, my new tube arrived. Yup, only 1 day after I called Rode and they're on the other side of the country from me...

Anyway, it's a brand new EH tube (not the GREATEST brand, but still no generic...)

I ran it wide open yesterday for 8 hours and all seems good.

Thanks to Rode for some seriously good customer service!