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02R 24 bit ADAT cards?

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I am an 02R owner and am considering going to a 24 bit HD recorder using ADAT light pipe. However, the Yamaha ADAT card uses a proprietary Alesis optical chip that will only pass a 20 bit word length. Other than the expensive TC Electronic 02R Unit Y card (for which you're mostly paying for the plug-in processors), are there any reliable 3rd party 24 bit ADAT cards out there?


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21 years 2 months

Pro Audio Guest Sun, 03/24/2002 - 01:22
I don't know of any other cards but I worked with the TC , and they have a much higher tolerance to clock problems than the Yamaha ones.
They also have TDIF that actually works.
Apart from that the internal patching is a bit of an operational nightmare which means that the onboard processor (motorola 563xx) is only *really* usable if the card is in the slot originally meant for console linking (n°3 maybe?). It has a special access to the stereo bus and so enables you to patch the processor output directly onto the stereo mix which makes it a great addition for mixes.
Expensive yes, but great quality.
However I only used the reverb algorithms, since buying a second effect algorithm is ridiculously expensive.