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2 Dead Digi 002's

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Wow here goes. I have a 002, it was taken to a recording gig, it was being used with another pals macbook. My pal couldn't get the my 002 to mount, he kept getting an error that the digi 002 could not be detected.

I was there with my macbook recording with a new preamp i purchased. my pal asks if he can use my macbook, thinking it was a computer error. we try and get the same error. my pal runs to get another 002, he brings it back and we get the same error using both 002's and both macbooks

so between 2 macbooks and 2 002's nothing. the same error, unable to detect interface protools cannot open. We had three different firewire cables one on which turned out to be faulty. Here we are a week later and no response from digi and two 002's that will not mount to any computer. However m boxes will mount to the laptops which leads me to believe the 002's are at fault.

Is it possible the bad fire wire cable had a short in it and fried the 002's fire wire bus'? We have uninstalled protools and reloaded it and still the 002's will not mount to the macbooks.

Can anyone please help.

Thanks much