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$2000 budget for basically for mics and etc

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Alright so I am pretty tired with these CADs I bought for drums a while back and I was thinking about upgrading my drum mics.

I own a firepod or studio whatever it has 8 inputs and I am going to buy a second one. I use cubase to mix.

I read up all about these pre-amps and EQs and a bunch of other stuff and maybe I should try this stuff out perhaps...???

I was looking at the package on musicians friend with the SM57s and I was thinking of going that way for the drums and maybe using one of the mics to mic the cab too maybe along with another one. Are overheads worth it?

Basically what is there you think I should get mic wise for the drums, guitar, bass, and vocal?



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RemyRAD Sun, 08/24/2008 - 22:21
CAD microphones aren't horrible, they're usable. So how many and what do you have that you find inadequate? I can record with anything and produce a professional recording. What are you referring to?? Sure, certain microphones provide a certain sonic signature, footprint, character, color, regardless of preamp selection. Most modern preamp's, until you step up to the stratospheric price range are all pretty much the same. And even then, in inexperienced hands, makes no difference. Now what was your question??

A lot of us will put SM57's on most drums. Sticking some large or small capsule condenser up top for overheads. I simply use that or a variation of that theme, i.e. Sennheiser MD421 on snare or bass drum or on both. Crown PZM, on bass drum. AKG 414's, SM 81's, 421's, U87, U67, even crappy cheap Octava small diaphragm condensers, etc., on overheads. Utilizing the pad whenever I'm using condenser microphones as I happen to like headroom over noise. Everybody's always worried about noise. Give me headroom. Or give me death.

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Member Fri, 09/05/2008 - 10:43
57s (or 58s, which are 57s with a windscreen) will do well for toms, fantastic for snare, and can even pass for overheads and kick mics with some EQing and good placement. However, some decent condenser mics (Octava MC012s, MXL 603s) on overheads, and a good kick mic would definitely relieve future tweaking and help get a better right-off-the-bat drum sound.