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2408 and Windows 2000....

Hey, I was thinking about switching over to W2K so that I could run dual processors, but I was wondering how the ASIO beta drivers worked with Windows 2000. Any help would be appreciated. thanks.


Opus2000 Thu, 04/26/2001 - 17:11

It's still a Beta for a reason..MOTU is a mac based company and only does Windows because of the marketing, lot of PC users..IMHO they dont seem to focus on PC based systems..they have Digital Performer and by the looks of it 3.0 is gonna be cooool!! :D

sturgis58 Sun, 04/29/2001 - 03:00

I'm afraid that "support" is a dirty word over at Motu. They don't even have an 800 number. Can you believe it? I'm a recent purchaser/user of the 2408MkII and had serious set-up problems in Win98se. It took me 3 days of constant dialing of their local Boston phone # to finally get through - it was busy signals morning, noon and night. Admittedly, the tech I spoke with was extremely cordial, and willing to do whatever it took to get me up and running - which he did. I'm grateful, but by the same token, apprehensive of a repeat performance.
You would think that a company of such stature and reputation would take Customer Service more seriously, wouldn't you? To not provide registered users with an 800 # is foolish, at best. I would definitely think twice before purchasing another unit from them.
BTW - I did try resolving my problems thru e-mail, and NEVERreceived a response.
:roll: sturgis58

bigtree Sun, 04/29/2001 - 17:22

Hi, cool to see you guys here! ;)

I'm so busy with designing that I barely have time for a life so forgive me on this question. Do they have a forum?


SonOfSmawg Sun, 04/29/2001 - 18:15

Just a suggestion...there are a lot of people here on RO who may be able to help you when you need it. Before spending days hitting 'redial', you should try here!

sturgis58 Mon, 04/30/2001 - 10:28

Originally posted by audiokid:
Hi, cool to see you guys here! ;)

I'm so busy with designing that I barely have time for a life so forgive me on this question. Do they have a forum?


Nope... :mad: Obviously, they are not too concerned about support, as I stated earlier, and a forum is probably the lastthing on their foolish minds.
My 2 cents, of course...sturgis58

Opus2000 Mon, 05/07/2001 - 13:45

Yes I will agree on the constant busy signals that MOTU customers get so frequently..and yes an 800 number for any manufacturer would be nice but I think it's a simple fact that NO manufacturers really like to get 800 numbers..roland doesnt..Tascam doesnt..Steinberg doesnt..etc etc etc..probably to make sure you read the manual several times before truly commiting to a tech support call..
Please feel free to ask me any questions as I had worked on several MOTU products and actually found a lot of fixes for most of their gear.
Opus :D

br0d Mon, 01/21/2002 - 11:53

I will not buy another MOTU product. I am very thankful for the free, peer to peer support we provide to one another on web forums, but they continually shirk their support responsibilities.
When you finally do get ahold of them, they are very sharp people, but that is not a consolation at all.

Regardless of the industry, in this day and age *busy signals* are completely offensive and inappropriate within the framework of customer support, or "customer service focus."