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24/96 v. 24/192 MOTU

i am recording with MOTU 896 HD's at 24/192, and i want my cousin on the other side of the world to do bass line, we will trade hard drives

question: all tracks on my end- guitar,vocals etc- will be recorded at
24/192, but my cousin can only record the bass at 24/96 as he has older converters

can we do this? we are both using digital performer 5.0


anonymous Fri, 02/01/2008 - 15:44
Its worth mentioning that he'll need to downsample to play along to your tracks, then either you'll have to import and up-sample his track, or use the downsampled project from then on. As TheArchitect hinted at, you may be better off just doing everything at 96k, as the quality will still be excellent. the MOTU gear can't handle using two different sampling rates simultaneously.




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