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3 mics at hand

Hi, I have 3 mics at hand, and i was just wondering how to put them to good use. It'd be nice if you guys could tell me like "oh this one is good for recording guitar amps or that one is good for the snare..."
you guys get the idea, i'm just starting off and these are my dad's mics.
these are the mics:

1- Superlux PRA-218A

2- Sennheiser 3K-U

3- Shure Beta 58A



RemyRAD Mon, 08/28/2006 - 19:08
gabrieluko, microphones both good and bad, expensive and cheap are all totally usable for music recording. That is if you keep in mind that even the worst and cheapest microphones can create a unique sonic signature that can be utilized in a way that is more for effect than sonic accuracy. Over many years, many famous engineers have even utilized $.98 microphones mounted inside of various instruments, like drums, to create sounds hereto for unavailable through their higher-priced brethren. Let your imagination and creativity drive your newfound recording juices without cause for concern about what other people may say is right or wrong. If it sounds good to you then do it.

I once tried to record the sound of my fart internally with a wireless microphone. Unfortunately the batteries died midway and I'm not sure why???

Always smell your microphones before putting them in front of other people.
Ms. Remy Ann David

RemyRAD Wed, 08/23/2006 - 20:01
Superlux PRA-218A is basically a bass drum dynamic microphone. I'm really not familiar with this particular manufacturer?

I can find no reference regarding the particular model of Sennheiser microphone you listed but I know it exists somewhere? Probably another dynamic?

The Shure Beta 58 is an improved version of the SM58 which is one of the most popular microphones in existence. This particular model offers a slightly hotter output with an extended high-frequency response and a super cardioid pattern versus a standard cardioid pattern as in the SM58. This microphone is just plain wonderful on just about anything and everything and is one of my all-time favorites. Great for vocals (obviously) guitar cabinets, a little awkward on a snare drum but still wonderful. I've used it on brass sections. Never generally on string instruments like violins violas and cellos but still doable.

And your father doesn't mind you stealing his microphones?? Better cut the grass before he notices.
Ms. Remy Ann David