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5000 bucks for MIC PRES

If you had my 5 grand for 8 channels of mic pres...what would you get?
im thinkin...
2 UA 610
4 APi (3124)
2 Great River
by the way im using soundcraft ghost pres and the digi 002 focusrites right now...


StevenColbert Fri, 03/03/2006 - 03:43
RemyRAD wrote: I love Stephen Colbert!
And I love you...America
You know, many men & women find me completely irresistible. It's not uncommon. It comes with the territory, and I for one, can handle it.
How about this one...
America the beautiful....Or Steven Colbert the beautiful.

Seriously though...go with the API and the GreatRiver