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-6dB off

I am running 2 converters, a MOTU 2408, and a MOTU 2408 MKII. For the purposes of leveling I a generating a 1k tone at 0dB out of my RME sound card via light pipe. That is goes to my 2408, which converts it to analog. The analog signal then goes directly to my 2408 MKII which is sent via light pipe back to my sound card. When the signal leaves it is at 0dB, when it returns it is at -6dB. Where do the 6 dB go to?


natural Sun, 03/25/2007 - 21:09
Probably where missing socks go.
Try looking under the sofa.

Posibility #1
Actually it sounds like somewhere along the line, you've gone from a balanced+4 signal to an unbalanced or -10 signal. When you do, you can lose 6db.

Posibility #2
You're running a balanced +4 signal, but somewhere along the line, one of the leads has come loose. This can also result in a 6db drop.

It looks like it's happening between the 2408 and 2408II. Start there.
Oh, Also, where are you generating the 1K tone, Inside the 'puter, or externally?