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8 channel preamp

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I am lost and confused. I have a soundcraft spirit folio sx 20 mixingboard. But I want to go all rack, I used this board only for preamps. So I was satisfied with the quality of the preamps.

What would you recomend for a 8 chanel preamp strip to record drums. I will get a nicer preamp for vocals and guitars, but i always use only one input for guitar 2 max... So i dont need something expensive. I was thinking m-audio octane but it will not leave any money for a 8 more cables that i will need. stands etc. So something around $300 for 8 channels, if there is nothing usable than i will get octane ,i think.


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RemyRAD Thu, 11/22/2007 - 21:43
Gertok, I'd really stick with the Soundcraft. I've taken multitrack feeds from those and like the way they sound. Better than most. They've always been known for their higher standard of quality. I don't see any advantage in making any lateral change? That's sort of like exchanging a VW bug for a Corvair. Same crap different day. You'd think things are going to get any easier to carry? It'll probably get heavier. Quality preamps frequently feature heavy iron core/nickel core transformers. They weigh a ton. For instance, it takes 6 guys to lift my empty Neve console frame, without any of the modules in it. Those modules weigh more than the empty frame! Putting 8 of my Neve 3115 microphone preamps/equalizer's into a rack is almost more than I can lift. Although I can comfortably manage 4 of those, I just can't record much with only 4 of those. 2 of my API 3124m's, which is only 8 microphone preamps, in a rack box with my lightweight HD 24XR, tops out at 80+ pounds, a little under 40 kilos! I am STRONG WOMAN (use Russian/Polish/German accent) but don't like hernia for dinner. I'd rather lift sack of potatoes to use for wodka.

How about some Stoli? No!? Then, The Glenlivit?
Ms. Remy Ann Davidsky

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Member Thu, 11/22/2007 - 22:00
Thank you. But 8-) I think i am willing to sacrifice quality here a little to win in portability. I also own a full 8 space bass rack that i can definately lift, also have been lifting guitar's player 10 space with a vht amp and prophecy preamp... so i am not too woried about the weight yet, but thanks for advice. I think I solved the problem and want to thank you all ^) I wish I cold just take preamps out of my mixer and rackmount them somehow. May be if it does not sell i will try to do that... kinda expensive experiment..