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ADAT to Hard Disk Transfer - Hardware/Software Question(s)

Okay, where do I start?

I have a large amout of my original material recorded on tape with my ADAT LX-20 and I want to transfer it to hard disk - all 8 tracks. Once I get it on hard disk I want to master it cut a CD.

What do I need hardware and Software wise. I have ADAT Edit but they decided that they were not going to support The XP Platform. Is there a board/Software Combo? Everyone keeps talking about Firewire, is that something I need to look at.

I'm pretty good with computers but I know nothing about interfacing diifferent types of media and I don't want to spend a bunch of money and not achieve the desired results.

Thanks for any suggestions you might offer.



Pro Audio Guest Fri, 09/29/2006 - 07:03
More ADAT Questions...

Okay, I know you guys are probably asking yourselves "when will he stop" but I got a couple of more for ya.

The 2403 MKIII looks like a super unit but at around $1,000 is kinda pricy. My old software would sync my tape machine with my hard disk tracks too and i'm not so sure that's the case with the 2403, is it? Also, with the MU1212M it looks like the software that comes with it is strickly for a Mac, isn't it? Man, that $150 price tag is attractive though.

I noticed that all of the inputs on the 2403 are 1/4" phone plugs, would I assume that I would have to also purchase mic preamplifier(s) to go directly into the unit? My mixer is set up it the little RCA type plug in and outs.

What I'm thinking is using my mixer into my LX-20 tape machine and then light piping everything from my recorder to the hard disk - as I record it, hopefully.

From what RemyRAD was saying I'm thinking that is entirely possible.

I just wish ADAT would have supported the XP platform and I wouldn't be having all of these problems. With my old computer I could copy 8 tracks to the computer and then record 8 more if I wanted to and that was real cool. Plus the software resembled a mixing comsole on my screen where I could adjust levels, eq, and add effects - it was WAY fun - and sounded great too. That's what I'm looking for now. If that board for $150 bucks will do it I'm buying one!

Thanks for your response.

AudioGaff Fri, 09/29/2006 - 08:36
I don't know about the MOTU stuff, but I would assume that it, and decent DAW software, could sync to tape if by sync to to tape you mean via SMPTE.

The E-MU 1212M and it's software package is all IBM clone PC software as the the E-MU 1212M only works in the PC and not the Mac. It may work on the Intel Mac using XP on the Mac, but I am sure it is not supported. I do know the A/D converters in the 1212M are damm good and better than what is in the MOTU or most any other audio interface. You can also use your current ADAT for extra inputs with the E-MU 1212M.

Pro Audio Guest Thu, 09/28/2006 - 14:22

First, thanks for replying.

Yeah, Ive been looking at the various interfaces but I think I will need to buy a card for my computer won't I? That ADAT Edit card that I have in there now is not working with XP. Also, I will have to buy some type of editing software too won't I.

Eventually, I would like to use my ADAT mixer and send it all to hard disk........

Sorry to sound so illiterate about all of this but, I guess, I am.

You can email me offline too if you want

Again, Thanks............

AudioGaff Thu, 09/28/2006 - 14:38
I reply here so all may benifit from the comments. An audio interface with ADAT comes in a few flavors. PCI card, firwire, PCMCIA being the most popular.

I don't think you get much of anything with the RME, but If you get someting like the E-MU 1616/1616M or the E-MU1212M not only do you get an analog I/O and an ADAT I/O port, but you also get a killer novice lite version software package with Cubase, Sonar and Wavelab to name a few, that is more than capable of most peoples basic recording needs.

RemyRAD Thu, 09/28/2006 - 14:42
DubCross you might do well to purchase the 2408 mkIII. It has 3 ADAT light pipe ports and yes, it requires that you install their PCI 324/424 card into your computer. It also has eight, 1/4 inch balanced analog inputs and outputs and so with 8 microphone preamp's plugged into your ADAT and its output light pipe port plugged into the 2408's second of 3 inputs, you could easily be tracking 16 tracks simultaneously to your computer. So you can use your antiquated ADAT as a second eight line level input converter to light pipe. It will set you back about $700 but certainly offers you a broader range of possibilities and options to explore.

2408 owner
Ms. Remy Ann David