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ADAT tapes to computer-usb-DAW...How to?

So, I have a bunch of ADAT tapes (mostly pairs, making 16 tracks) of unmixed music from the olden days.

I'd like to get these tracks into my computer for mixing on a DAW such as sonar,audition,vegas, etc.

Whats the best way of doing this? I no longer have the ADAT machines, but see that they are dirt cheap on ebay. I remember that they have an optical port...

Who makes a good interface between ADAT and computer?

thanks for your time,


Kev Mon, 09/29/2008 - 01:54

I think you need access to two machines.
I have two and in past have provided this service to people

both tapes need a common track
the count in click track can be enough
so that when they are bounced into the computer in groups of 8
they can be aligned using the common track

this common track doesn't have to run the full length of the song
it can still work with just a short bit of recognisable waveform before the begining of the song

many interfaces have an ADAT port
Alesis used to have a card

I use the 001 or the HD system