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adjusting monitor settings for room

my krks have two knobs one is called hf level adjustment and the other is the volume. what does the hf adjustment do ? and how do i know what to set it on ? ( it goes from -2 db to +1db ) and my volume goes from -30 db to +6db what is a good level to put this on ? when people say never put your volume all the way up are they talking about your computers volume or the speakers volume?



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Boswell Wed, 07/28/2010 - 02:16

The Volume control has to do with both the sensitivity of your speakers and the output level of the equipment you are feeding them from. Ignore anyone who says what it should be set to - you are the one who decides where it has to be set, and that should be so that full-scale output from your system is just louder than you can bear.

The h.f. level controls the balance between the tweeter and the main unit in each loudspeaker. If you do not have any independent way of balancing the tweeter, set the control to 0 on both loudspeakers.

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leopoldolopes Wed, 07/28/2010 - 07:15

The "volume" knob also can be used to make some compensation in a untreated room... If you feel that the left speaker is shouting more volume than the right one... increase the right until you feel comfortable with the stereo image!

The HF only control de tweeter... spilling more or less high frequencies! It all depends on how your room speaks... if you feel that you have poor translation on the higher frequencies... just compensate by increasing the HF knob...

Put some reference music that you really know and see how the speakers translate on the stereo image and on the higher frequencies!