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advice on miking a string trio

HI everyone, I need some advice on how to mic a string trio. The condenser mics I have are the following:

2 AT4033
1 KSM44
2 C1000's (forget about using these. .)

how should I place the mics and how should I place the musicians as well. this is the first time I'm recording strings.



Midlandmorgan Fri, 11/11/2005 - 03:30
My Two Cents...

Let the musicians set up like they normally would in a performance (semi-circle, whatever...) then mic them from there.

I don't know much about the KSM44, but if it can do a figure 8, you may consider the classic M-S approach, using a 4033 as the front cardiod and the 44 as the M-S feed...

If that doesn't work well, then try the 2 4033s in an ORTF or XY...

Of course, depending on what the recording will be used for, a single omni (will the 44 do that?) placed in the center of the trio just might do the trick...most string groups mix themselves very well....

Member Fri, 11/11/2005 - 05:07
I'm with midland on the two AT4033:s in ORTF setup.
I find ORTF very good at giving a listening spectrum equivalent to your ears'.
I think recommended setup for ORTF is about 17-20cm apart (at the capsules) and angled apart at aprox 110 degrees.
Find a place where you and your ears like the listening spot, and place the mics at the same place. With a little luck the recorded result should give you the same listening as when you listened live.