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Advice please

I posted in guitars but no response so maybe here I can find out the answers I need to complete the setup of my studio, I thought that if I listed it's contents then experts could disect it and tell me what to trash and what to get to better it, thanks in advance

Custom Jem (luthier built)
Custom Iceman (luthier built)
Custom Mockingbird (luthier built)
7 string Custom Shop B C Rich Bich (This is by far my fave, I still drool 1 yr on after buying it)
6 string Custom Midi Bich (Just a platinum with the GK2A/GR30)
6 string Custom Shop Warlock
DS 1
Line 6 pod
Korg ampworks
Tube works blue tube 2 dual preamp
Custom tube dual preamp
Boss de 200
Ashton 8 channel mixer
Edirol UA 25 soundcard
Event alp5 monitors
64 bit amd
Yamaha an1x
Korg esx 1

So it looks like I have scored an Alesis micro EQ and a boss RRV 10 for $170aud, my questions are

Where do I place these in order with my DS 1?
I hear putting reverb before distortion is paramount. if so why?
do I place the ampworks after the tube preamp, if not where in the chain does it belong?
I have 1 pair of monitors presently, is it advantagous to have two sets, or is that a waste of time?
my UA 25 seems to be picking up interference from the computer but only on the left channel, why? and how do I rectify this annoying mozzie?


Pro Audio Guest Fri, 02/02/2007 - 05:21
ok sounds easy enough
ill try to help
stick your effects in your effects loop
2 sets of monitors, sure itll help, itll tell ya 2 different scenerios of sound from 2 differnt speakers almost like taking your mix to your car stereo, then your boom box and seeing what they sound like in each

the noise, see if your cables are ok
or sometimes if they touch eachother, they tend to freak out sometimes

mostly experiment, let your ear do the deciding, its your best friend for sound

hueseph Wed, 01/31/2007 - 14:55
First of all, you have to consider that a lot of the people on this site actually work, so a lot of questions don't get answered right away.

Secondly, it's pretty difficult to decifer exactly what mr. Bedroom studios is trying to accomplish. He(she?) posts all of his gear, adds referrence to two additions and asks where to put them. For what purpose? What are we trying to accomplish here? If I buy a new couch I don't go to to ask where to put it. "Didn't you have a space intended for it?".

So this person has bought a new Reverb and Eq unit. Where should they put it? The answer is...YES. Huh? Exactly. Wherever you damn well please if it sounds good to you.

As far as what's this site good for. Well... it's a good read, which is what I usually do with my time here. Often things discussed are well over my head and that's ok. Great even. There's plenty of room to ask questions but you need to excercise a bit of patience.