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Advise on studies

Hi everyone!

I'm actually studying a sound ngineering course at university. This year ill be finishing my second year and for the next year i need to choose between two paths.
The first got subjects on live sound (PA systems,etc) and the second on electronics and signal processing.
Both sound interesting wo i would like some advise, specially from people there on the industry.
Could the knowledge make a bir different on my career?could it open the doors to different areas?if so, which areas?
Well, i would appreciate as much information as posible,please.



RemyRAD Mon, 06/18/2007 - 02:44
I'm a recording and a broadcast person (over 37 years. Not age! Experience!). I'm an artistic technical person. I would do the electronics course, not the live PA sound course. That's just another recording course with really loudspeakers. Making a living as a technician is very peaceful, easier on the ears, joints and ass. Will broaden your horizons professionally. It will also be easier to amaze your friends, into thinking how smart you are.

Very very smart
Ms. Remy Ann David