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Affordable studio reference monitors?

Hey there,
so...I'm looking to purchase (on the cheap) a set of studio monitors. I've used the little Yamaha's in years past. But, I don't know the model #. They were really popular back in the early 90's (it seemed like every studio I went in had a set of these). What I want to know is, what is the best, affordable studio reference monitor for the buck?

You decide...I'll buy (for me of course :) )

AP 8)


Pro Audio Guest Thu, 05/04/2006 - 09:36

I think you'r talking about NS10's yamahas w/white coned woofers.
there are a LOT of monitor choices out there almost too many to contemplate. I personaly use Alesis point 7s, but my buddy has a pair of NS10s & some KRKs. The KRKs sound alot better, but it's a personal prefference, I've wanted to try a pair of the Truth monitors by (yeah I know) Behringer. any way good luck 8-)

TeddyG Thu, 05/04/2006 - 11:33
You can take a look at the "new little Yamaha's" - HS 50 and HS80, both made in China, these days. They are reminiscent of the NS10's in appearance(They have white cones - not the same white cones!), but only in appearance. They are self-powered and likely sound alot different, too(There are lots of reviews available with a web search). The Yamaha MSP5A's(Taiwan), the, now, slightly older, less "NS10'ey" models, are the one's I've got waiting for me at the store - if the cables ever come in so I can pick-up everything at once... Astounding number of cheapie "monitors" out there to look at - let the search begin! I hope you try to get to an actual store(s) to listen to a bunch prior to purchase......


TeddyG Fri, 05/05/2006 - 06:24
Like you, I don't remember reading a bad review of the Alesis, though I was looking, mostly, at the powered/bi-amped versions(These days about a hundred bucks more). There are those who still prefer the "good old" seperates(Or who still have an amp!). As all the reviews say "fine for the money"... sometimes, the best part of any review......

I wonder what you are using for an amp?


Spending the weekend burning-in my new MSP5A's... So far, so good, nice and unimpressive......

Speaking of speakers, does anyone have a suggestion or two for CD's I might fly to the store and buy that are recorded in the latest/greatest digital everything, superb quality, that I can use to hear how my speakers are working? All of "my music" is "re-mastered"(Ick) from their 30+ year old analog tapes - or worse... As I'm 52, I have no modern music, perse. My wife has lot's of stuff, but Kenny G., some "brickman guy" and another fellow who seems to sing mostly in Spanish(?) don't make it for me... I'm sure i wouldn't hear much of the speakers while throwing up..? I did hear part of an album by one, Diana Krall, at the Bose store, awhile back? Seemed nice, clean, clear, etc. Would she and her recordings be a good "reference"? If so, which specifically? Any recommended modern recordings of classical music(The "hits", as it were), that you would recommend?

Speaking of the Bose store, some years ago I listened to their demonstration, in their little "theater" and part of the demo included what sounded like an African "choir"? Like native music? It was spectacular, haunting, gorgeous. I asked the counter guy and he gave me "the name", but, I couldn't find it anywhere - I wonder? Anyone remember/know this? Think I'll post this seperately... Maybe better answer there.....?


jonyoung Fri, 05/05/2006 - 16:25
I had to send one of my Mackie HR824's to the shop this past week and had to buy a pair of something inexpensive to accomodate an out of town client that I didn't want to reschedule. I got the Tapco S5's, did several days of tracking, then a slew of rough mixes. When I brought a CD of the roughs to the house for a listen, I was very pleasantly surprised with how well they translated. I'm glad to have the 824 back, but for $349, the Tapco's are a nice surprise.