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AKG Blueline for Blumlein?

Hi everyone,
I wonder if a pair of these fig 8s would be good enough for a main pair using Blumlein? Jeremy has already recommended these to me as a good SDC fig 8.

Also, I have some LDCs and don't want to buy two of everything. Ben has already pointed out that similar M and S mics will generally give better results, but I want to use an AT 4060 on the organ, and was hoping I could use one of these just to add a bit of dimension.


PS I hope I haven't breached netiquette by putting this in a new thread :D The original discussion was on the fig 8 thread.


Cucco Tue, 01/11/2005 - 17:50
Netiquette, Schmetiquette!

Personally, I think they are right decent mics, especially for the price. But I guess you already pointed that out. Their fig 8 is worth its weight, maybe in silver instead of gold. Do they hold a candle to the Royers - nahhhhh. But the only cost a fraction too. For the money, I would definitely say they are excellent. If you have the dough for the Royers, go for 'em. Otherwise, what have you got to loose? (Other than hard earned money :lol: )


John Stafford Wed, 01/12/2005 - 12:19
Thanks Jeremy.
I have a habit of buying stuff and then wanting better within a week! I suppose I won't be satisfied until I've got those Royers!

I'm at that place financially as well. There are so many things I've bought that I don't like, and if I hadn't done so I'd have decent gear, but on the other hand, I believe you can learn so much by outgrowing equipment.

The fig 8 capsule has always been rather expensive over here, but I've come across a place that sells them for the same price as as the other capsules.

Thanks Gentlemen!

bap Wed, 01/12/2005 - 13:42
We've all heard that a great recordist can do better with cheap gear than a beginner with great gear. The problem is that once you become interested it seems impossible to prevent gear lust from consuming you. Especially if you have ears that can hear.

People I know are amazed at the cost of my equipment. And it is very modest compared to those who own the best.

The other day I was looking around for Sonodore mics and found a pair being sold in Norway for about $4200 US. These had been demo microphones. I fantasized that I could afford them....!

bap Wed, 01/12/2005 - 14:40
I would be willing to accept a pair of 4003's, I've eyed those too!

I could not afford them,even used [in the US], unless they sold at 1/4 of their original value. I am a relative beginner but my gear has just about paid for itself. If I can turn a real profit, my first move will be mic upgrades.

Top of the line omnis with their own [non-phantom] power source would be lovely but unattainable until they can be paid for without neglecting other family responsibilities.

Cucco Thu, 01/13/2005 - 08:24
Yeah, I just checked that out. These are some sweet sounding recordings. Just my personal taste, but I didn't dig the Silent Night as much as some of the string recordings and the Romeo and Juliet. I thought the voice sounded a tad boxed-in. Also, I thought the Romeo and Juliet was just a tad on the "wide" side of things, but the sound was magnificent!


John Stafford Fri, 01/14/2005 - 16:36
Yeah the Wailin Jenny's recordings are amazing. I think the one with the bodhran is particularly impressive.

I agree with you about the Silent Night sounding a little boxed in, but I thought it had a wonderful quality that's difficult to describe. It's like the mic knows what it's listening to. Probably doesn't make sense, but that's as near as I can get.

Since I read your comment on Romeo and Juliet, I listened again, and on headphones is sounded like some of the sounds were coming from behind my head -strange, but that's probably just me!

David French Fri, 01/14/2005 - 17:01
Yeah the Wailin Jenny's recordings are amazing.

And done with a Mackie 1604! Goes to show that gear limitations can be transcended... just like some of the great recordings on Ben's site. :)

Wow. What a great recording.

I posted a poll here a while ago - Which is better? Killer mic decent pre or killer pre decent mic? This is strong evidence for killer mic decent pre.

I'll be recording with a pair of 122s tomorrow. I can hardly wait. :)

JoeH Fri, 01/14/2005 - 17:45
I noticed the 1604 in the description page as well. (Pretty funny, actually....I'm going to pull that one out the next time I get any crap from Mackie-bashers....although to be fair, it was just routed through the line-ins.)

I'm working Saturday and Sunday with one of my favorite Barouque Chamber ensembles and will be using the ONYX 1640, with Sequoia as well. I'm actually looking forward to working again, after the holiday burnout season. 8-)

FifthCircle Fri, 01/14/2005 - 18:15
Yes, mixed on a Mackie, but there were also Vac Rac tube preamps and a great mic (the Royer SF-24) on the front end of that recording... Not to mention a great quality ensemble that could balance themselves quite well... The whole recording is based on the ability of the performers to do their thing right.

IMO, it is the way it should be done- the performers control the sound, not the engineer.





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