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Alesis Multimix 16 Firewire

Hello, I recently purchased the Alesis Multimix 16 Firewire, and I keep getting this message from Sonar anytime I boot it up.

Audio Driver Error

The following drivers either don't support the audio format or is used by another program.

Please choose whether to disable or use anyway.

*And it gives me this long list of things*

Mulitmix Audio Out
Mulitmix Channles in 1/2
Mulitmix Channles in 3/4
Mulitmix Channles in 5/6
Mulitmix Channles in 7/8
Mulitmix Channles in 9/10
Mulitmix Channles in 11/12
Mulitmix Channles in 13/14
Mulitmix Channles in 15/16
Multimix Main In

Am I not connecting something correctly?

I’m running the firewire cord from the mixer to the computer, and the speakers to the headphone jack. Is there something I’m missing?



Scoobie Thu, 12/07/2006 - 14:39
I don't own a Alesis Multimix but I do use Sonar. To me this sounds like you have a driver problem.

Make sure the sample rate is set the same in Sonar and on the Alesis. Just a long shot?

And I wouldn't be plug'in your speakers into the headphone output . Use the main out on the Alesis, I'm sure there is a stereo output on your firewire cable going back to the Multimix.