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amplitube help

Ok so Im new to recording guitar, dont have much knowledge on effects so excuse the noob. Im using amplitube and im trying to get a couple different sounds. Im going for that stone temple pilots sound and alice in chains "again" sound. Now I cant quite get what i want. Maybe my ear is not letting me hear it. can any of you guys suggest settings or plug ins that can help me get these sounds?


Member Sat, 12/09/2006 - 20:03
well I have amplitube two and let me just say that this is normal.
I would suggets trying to understand EVERYTHING about amplitube and its cersatilities and while getting your sound switching from A to B and not just telling yourself that your sound doesnt isnt exactly like that stone temple guitar but rather WHY it doesnt sound lke that (what is the difference).
If you can tell the difference, once you understand amplitube enough you will be able to change your sound accordingly.

and theres always amplitube 2 (which I have)
and thats a whole new world (along with the old one).

well I just listened to that song and this is basically the perfect sounding guitar.
If you listen carefully to the stereo feild the guitar is OUTWARD.
my greatest advice I can give you (somthing I actually thought of myself) is using the stereo delay for spacial imaging (you dont have to know what that means... I think I made it up)
but use the Stereo Delay, set the first knob to doulbe (if I remember correctly) the delay way down-almost all the way) and feedback ALL THE WAY DOWN. DO NOT TURN FEEDBACK UP TOO HIGH!
then use your mix on the stereo delay and it should allow you to place the guitar in the proper place in the stereo field.
hope this works out.
and I hope you actually read all this.
e-mail me if you need help.