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analog recording

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I am doing a paper on why analog sounds better than digital for certain types of music such as rock, hip-hop,funk and blues. What are some major factors that make analog sound better than digital? Why would a band want to go through the extra trouble to record to analog and then master the recording digitally? Why does digital make music sound grainy? Why does analog compress the higher frequecnies and is this generally a good thing? Any other comments promoting the use of analog or knocking digital are welcome and very much appreciated.


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audiokid Tue, 02/20/2001 - 21:43
Originally posted by bob strawser:
What's wrong with this thread?

bob, welcome aboard!

I transferred your post that was originally in the engineers producers, hardware forum into this newly created forum that's better suited for these questions. You are welcome here at RO. fire away! :)