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Another monitor help request

Hi everyone,

Setting up a new home studio just want your opinion on some gear. First monitors. I'm looking at these at the moment:
Event ASP8

Based on what? Price, review of the Event ones and general liking of the JBL in PA applications. I know the general rule of listening to them and compare, but the chance of finding anyone with both of them on display is close to zero. At least around here. Could not even find a dealer having the JBL on display within 300 miles... Any opinions welcome (and a review on LSR4328p...).

AD converters:
RME Fireface
MOTU Traveler

I really need at least 16 inputs and these are more choosen based on that they use FW. Main application is to be used for recording at home and not that often as live recording (happens only 1-2 times a year).

Any opinions welcome.