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I'm curious how you where first introduced to the Antelope 10M. Specifically what convinced you to buy or use it?

  • What impressed you the most about it?
  • Does it make the $6000 difference?
  • Does it greatly improve the Orion32?
class="xf-ul"> I first heard about it when two versions of a song were accidentally sent to me. I was told... I wasn't supposed to hear this song. I was told the incredibly better sounding version of the two had the 10M clocked to it, and this is why it sounded so amazing.
After using it, putting it through all the tests I could, including contacting my source to where I got it from, it made no difference to my sound or improvement to the Orion32 or my entire ADDA system which included numerous other world class converters and interfacing options. :love:

I would love to hear examples of a mix with one in/out so we can hear the differences.

Please share your experiences and any audio clips. Tell me how you first learned about it?
Again.... Specifically what convinced you to buy it?

  • Was it the endorsements?
  • Where did you learn about it?
  • Did you hear an audio clip of a before after?
class="xf-ul"> Thanks.


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pcrecord Fri, 10/21/2016 - 11:15

I've been exposed to the 10M when I was researching the Antelope Zenstudio.
There is a big marketing WOW about it that let's you think we all need it even for live work.
The way I understand its fonctionnality, it seems like a good idea. (Specially if I have many units to sync together.)
But in my studio with 3 units.. God knows if it'll make a difference. I certainly do not have 6k to test it anyway and if I had 6k it would probably go for better mics and preamp first.
I actually clock my units to my Mitek AD96 right now. It's been said to be very good but I can't prove it, really.
I tried to clock to my UA 4-710, but frankly I didn't hear a difference.

I'm curious to read if anyone on RO is using it and can tell us how much of a difference it makes !;)

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audiokid Fri, 10/21/2016 - 11:57

pcrecord, post: 442452, member: 46460 wrote: I'm curious to read if anyone on RO is using it and can tell us how much of a difference it makes !;)

I owned one, but after it did nothing for me, I kept it in a rack to look at for 18 months.

I'm not so much against the product. I'm sure it serves a purpose. Its a beautiful looking product.

That being said.
NOTE: I am only interested in 10M users who own this or did own it. I specifically want to hear your story in how it was presented and sold to you?

Something about the marketing has me questioning this over and over, so this is why I am asking other 10M users now.

Question: Did anyone send you an audio file of a before and after of this used? If so, please share your experiences?

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audiokid Fri, 10/21/2016 - 13:46

What else does your current set up consist of?
Mixerman: In addition to having everything clocked with the Orion32/10M and I am running Logic X on a Mac Mini. Logic X goes out to the Orion32 via USB, which is awesome because now I don’t need to use a PCIe chassis. I have heard other people say USB is sketchy, but I’ve haven’t seen or heard any evidence of this. In fact, it’s rock solid. The Orion32 outputs go into two Dangerous summing boxes, which then go out to my SSL G384 analog compressor. I’ve got a couple of Pulse Techniques EQP1a3s in line after that, then I go right back into the Orion32 / 10M combo. I have a variety of monitors, but these days I’m using the SE Munro Egg speakers in combination with my Tannoy 800As — all of this is plugged into my Dangerous monitor section, that is until my Raven MTX arrives.

Nice set-up. similar to mine.
[SPOILER=without prejudice]without prejudice[/SPOILER]
I'm thinking the only reason he or anyone could be experiencing any value for this $6000 clock:

No wonder. MM is connecting audio to such a (no disrespect intended to the Mac Mini) lame recording system like the mac mini, sharing USB port and no PCIe interfacing.
Anyone that has been doing pro audio in the last decade (you'd think) knows PCIe and internal clocking is the most stable when it comes to multi-tracking. USB interfacing however, suffers for multi-tracking in many cases in comparison to AES EBU or MADI via a PCIe interface. But that being said, I guess the mention of the Mac Mini covers their bases by popping that in, with little explanation. Thus, blind leading the blind think if these guys claim such "huge" improvements, must be good for the guy down the street too. :cautious:
Which is it, this unit yields best results for low end laptop playback systems, Mac Mini's.

Seriously... a $9000 ADDA system on a $600 Mac Mini. Are we kidding here.:giggle:

Okay, lets try this approach.: Lets hear any 10M/ O32 audio comparisons and call this one out once and for all. I tried this on GS but my posts were removed. Not this time. is not owned by advertisers, nor will I pull a thread that questions a source or negative comment unless it is completely false.

Either my 10M was broken at the time of our extensive test that involved ears of all ages arriving with the same conclusions) It made no difference worth mentioning.

Testimonials from Howie or MM don't fly on this one. Nor did the audio clip that was coincidentally given to me (same time other guys were endorsing) to lead me into thinking it was all do to the 10M.

Those who bought the 10M/O32 combo under the presumption it would make "huge" sonic improvement by simply using it as the "master", please post a before and after audio clip here.
Lets find out why if any improvements were actually the result of the 10M /O32 combo in the first place?
If we find out this to be untrue, I think its only fair that antelope, the endorsers to make a public retraction and Antelope to fully refund anyone who bought into this.

NOTE: I called the North American Distributed about this and he mocked me, said I didn't know what I was doing, needed better monitors.
I gave him the ability to send me another 10M, which he declined.

In the mean time, lets have some fun, find out if the guy next door actually hears huge improvements with his 10M/Orion32 combo on anything other than a Mac Mini. Post results here and maybe we can put this to rest. [SPOILER=selling your 10M]And I promise we won't post any of this on GS so you still have time to sell it.[/SPOILER]

Maybe Antelope will send me another O32/10M and I will compare my tracks to whomever wants to participate. If it makes this much difference, my O32 and 10M was broken, and I think we should be supporting the 10M and all our members around the world should learn about such huge improvements just by connecting it to the unit.

I mean, this was precisely what I was led to believe.