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any other interfaces go with pro tools???

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hey guys. i'm new here, and fairly new to recording. i've been doing it for a few years, with a few different systems and equipment and what not. and now its time once again for an upgrade. heres what i want, tell me if this is possible. i'm looking to get pro tools le. i can't afford the 003, though just because i'm looking to get speakers, interface, headphones, etc. the works. the only other thing i see is the M-Powered set up they're doing with pro tools, but it looks like i can only use the the mbox interfaces which only has 2 XLR inputs. basically my question is, can i get Pro Tools LE and use another interface with at least 8 inputs? i would love some guidance here. thanks guys, and i'm sure i'll be a regular here more often in the near future.



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fourone3 Mon, 03/24/2008 - 14:21
Hiya shimmy - welome, welcome.

Unfortunately you would have to go with the Digi hardware for the LE gear. It's Digidesign's way of trying to reduce interface and software meshing issues. That, and they want your money.

Are you hell bent on Pro Tools? If you are but can't afford the 003, check for used 002's or even the M-Audio gear with the M-Powered Pro Tools.

The ProFire 2626 has 8 XLR ins out of the box. You would just need the M-Powered software.

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Member Mon, 03/24/2008 - 15:37
damn. i figured. thats a good idea though, looking for old 002 racks. i am pretty bent on pro tools. i dont know if someday i'm going to do this professionally or not, right now its mainly for myself, but i'd like to be well versed on the most used and best product out there. thanks again. cheers.

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BobRogers Mon, 03/24/2008 - 17:51

I'm a PT LE user, but I don't think your reasons for being set on it are good ones. My guess is that if someone really knew a lot about recording, he or she could learn the ins and outs of the PT software interface with about a week of hard work - maybe a little longer to get really good at the keyboard shortcuts. So I wouldn't be set on buying it because maybe some day in the distant future it might be good to know. If you ever need to know it for a real job you can spend the time and money to learn it.

The best reason for a novice to use it (in my mind) is that there is so many books, tutorials, DVDs, etc. out there to teach you all its bells and whistles - no comparison with any other platform. Of course, if you can get free help from a friend or a course in your area to teach you another platform this isn't a big deal.

You are already facing the drawbacks of PT - fewer software options that aren't easy to mix and match.

What are you using now?

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Member Tue, 03/25/2008 - 09:46
Hey Shimmy, If you go with M-Powered you can go with the other options such as the M-Audio Octane 8 channel mic preamp, the Profire 2626 like Fourone3 mentioned above. Also there is another option ,which is the M-Audio Profire lightbridge. With the lightbridge you can connect any preamp that has adat I/O. This is a nice option because with this you can use other mic pre's that aren't of M-Audio quality. Also with the lightbridge you can have up to 32 channels of inputs ,but im not completely positive ,but I think digidesign just crippled the lightbridge to record 18 tracks simultaneously. It used to be 32 tracks simultaneously ,but i would check the digidesign website.