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any suggestions on a good sequencer or drum machine?

i was wondering if anyone could suggest a good sequencer/dr machine for recording on a DAW (non-computer based - i'm using a Roland VS model). i was thinking of staying in the $1000-new range.



pr0gr4m Tue, 09/12/2006 - 16:12
Sequencers and drum machines are very different things. A sequencer records MIDI data (unless it's an analog one...which I'm willing to bet you don't need) and a drum machine plays drum sounds. I'm guessing that you want/need both.

Probably your best option would be to find a workstation keyboard. They all come with an onboard sequencer and lots of drum sounds, plus you would be getting a lot of extras. All the major manufacturers (Yamaha, Korg, Roland) make them and they come at all different price points depending on what you need.

I don't think anyone still makes a dedicated sequencer anymore. There are devices like the AKAI MPCs which are sampler workstations. These are popular in Hip Hop production and they are pretty powerful machines.

If you want a really good sequencer, go computer based. There are all sorts of different sequencer software available and using a computer based one is 1000 times easier than any other option.

For drum machine, it depends on the type of sounds you want. I've got a bunch of old ones. The newest drum machine I've used is a BOSS DR770 and it's got a lot of sounds and patterns. It's got everything from realistic drums to electronic and has a lot of different percussion instruments.

Again, computer based "drum machines" offer more options and better sounds.

If I were you, and I had a computer, I'd go that route. If that's not practical, go for the workstation. Korg Tritons or Yamaha Motifs can be found for some good prices.