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Any SX3 guru's out there?

I know you're out there, so let's get down to brass tax. I finally got SX3 (just before 4 was released) after using version one for years and years. The very first thing I went for was the outboard insert/send assign function. I am using an old MOTU 896, and when I go to configure the i/o for an outboard effects loop, the only i/o's that show up are the AES/EBU ones that I do not use with anything... NOT A SINGLE analog channel is available, even when they have been assigned in the input and output tabs. Is the the universe just laughing at me here, or did I actually happen across an incompatibility issue?

I have had issues with MOTU before, and (no offense, but) I know what is in store if I try their support line: "did you try plugging in the firewire cable?" or "reinstall the drivers..." BTW I am running an older version of the drivers because my cheap a$$ bought the firewire card with the wrong chipset. I hope this is not the problem, as I don't have the time/resources at the moment to order another one. It barely works, and so far that has been good enough... but this! THIS!

Did I miss the memo?


Robak Mon, 10/23/2006 - 12:42
NOT A SINGLE analog channel is available, even when they have been assigned in the input and output tabs.

And that might be the problem. If an input in your MOTU is assigned as an INPUT CHANNEL than it cannot be assigned as EXTERNAL FX RETURN. Same thing with outputs. It's a pain, I don't like it too. You will soon find that there are more unpleasant surprises waiting in SX3 in that category. The ability to use outboard gear just like plugins is such a great feature but it needs a lot of improvement.

schizojames Mon, 10/23/2006 - 14:34
Thanks for your quick response. I was actually hoping that no one would read this, because as I was posting the question to the third forum I made that mental connection, tried it out, and it worked. Man I feel stupid... but that's learning for ya. As far as sends go, I had it working, but then I started to get feedback and couldn't figure out how to mute the original without muting the return.

Any ideas?

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