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anyone care to help me out on my setup ? appreciated

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Hi All,

Im a newbie to the thread so first off hey how are ya ! !
Im needing some help in the wiring side of my setup .. i have it all running at present but want to make some changes with inserting a patchbay

Im not that great at all this so please speak Sloowwwlllyy and at least tech as poss.

Set up
Lavry 4496 M.AD - 824 x2 and M.DA 824 x2
Lynx Aes16e
Empherical Labs FATSO EL7 ( 2 input )
SSL Xlogic Alpha channel
Focusrite Penta
Kemper Guitar Profiler
Behringer Ultrapatch Pro px2000

Basically I want the Lavry inputs/outputs 1 to 4 on the patchbay
2 mic inputs/outputs on the patchbay The el7 and the Focusrite all patchable and the Kemper patched in too so i can choose where i want the Line/Mic Signal to go. ..

for example put the kemper through the EL7 quickly and easily using the patchbay

I get the basics of patch bays but I'm confused as how to achieve this especially when it comes to the Lavry and the Lynx software mixer, I don't really know how i got it all set up sounding so right when i first bought it.. LOL

Anyone wonderful wizard want to help me out ?

Looking forward to contributing to the forum



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Boswell Tue, 10/31/2017 - 08:56
Hi Tim, and welcome!

A standard patchbay can only deal in the physical analogue inputs and outputs of pieces of gear. So, for example, you could, in principle, have the XLR input to your SSL connected to a socket in the input row on the patch panel and the SSL's analogue output connected to a socket on the output row. If the inputs and outputs of other gear were wired similarly, you could then use jack jumper leads to take the output of one piece into the input of another.

However, there are problems that quickly arise when you do this in a simple way without thinking about what cross-connections are sensible and those that aren't. For example, it's very unwise to take XLR microphone inputs through a patchbay, not only because the addtional sockets and cabling could add noise to the low-level microphone signals, but because it's physically dangerous to have sockets that may have 48V phantom power on them in a place where intolerant gear could easily be plugged in by mistake.

What I suggest you do is use a spreadsheet to make a list of all the inputs and outputs of your gear that you might want to go through a patchbay. Group the rows as a block for each piece of gear, but use a separate spreadsheet row for each physical input and output. Have columns for the gear name, the input type (microphone, line level, etc) and the output type. Blanks in the sheet would show that either the gear does not have that feature or you are not intending to bring it to the patchbay. When you have done that, share it with us by using the "Upload a File" button at the bottom right of the reply box on this page, and we can help you further.

PS You have got some great gear there!