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Anyone familiar w/ older SPL Vitalizers?

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I purchased an SPL Stereo Vitalizer Jack from Coast Recording in Cali last week. What arrived yesterday, however, is not the Jack model, but what appears to be its precursor (the manual has a 1993 copyright). It has essentially the same controls as the Jack, though the "Brilliance" knob is labeled "Harmonics" and the expander section is dubbed "Surround." The other differences I can tell from the Jack, not having seen one in person, is that this unit only has 1/4 I/O (no RCA), has an input level switch (hi and low) on the back, and has left and right input overload LEDs on the left of the front panel.

So my question is this: Did I get "jacked?" Or is this essentially the same unit as the Stereo Vitalizer Jack. This one is simply called "Stereo Vitalizer" w/o the "MK2" that's on the newer models. Anyone know? I can't tell if I got screwed or got a slightly better unit. I haven't hooked it up yet.