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Anyone know anything about organ?

hey I'm looking into getting a organ for that 60s sound. i know nothing of organs. i do know that i want like a vox continental style. basically i just need some info perhaps some organ players out their? looking for cheap to about 500-700


JoeH Mon, 02/19/2007 - 23:16
Check out Ebay and/or your local (and national) Craig's listings. (http://)

Look under musical instruments for "Combo Organs", with brand names like Vox, Farfisa, Viscount, Yamaha, Fender, Conn, and even Kustom. There's still a fair amount of them out there, just have to find them lurking around, at the right place, right time, and right $$ of course.

You can also just buy some CD/DVD-ROM samplers and trigger them from a MIDI keyboard, but it's not as much fun. 8-)

BobRogers Tue, 02/20/2007 - 06:05
I'm with Joe as long as you are comfortable with taking these things apart, cleaning contacts, trying to replace broken keys, etc. When you can find the old beasts, they are usually pretty cheap, but need a lot of tender loving care. It's a good project for studio work, but a bit dicey for live playing.

In my first band, the keyboard player had a Doric combo, but he also had a real Leslie. Good memories.

The more "practical" suggestion (as Joe said) is to get some samples, and in fact, a lot of inexpensive workstations have a few good "60's" sounds.

JoeH Tue, 02/20/2007 - 10:56
if you've gotta ask....

Nah, seriously, not to be a wise-guy, but Alex, it sounds like you're a bit new at this, so you might want to start at one of the more basic forums here to learn the overall process....the "Home Recording" forum might be one, and there are lots of places to get you up and running with MIDI-based recording.

Simply put, MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) is the term for the way in which modern computer-driven keyboards (and lots of other devices) work with each other. (Think of it as a very smart player piano, without the mechanical stuff....)

You'd need three things for this:

A MIDI-equipped standard keyboard (sold literally everywhere these days, in every shape and form. Many, if not all modern home keyboards - from spinets to table tops to learner/starter instruments - have MIDI in and out jacks. For well under $100, you can surely find something to get you started. Even Radio Shack and any Best Buy sells these things now, in various flavors and sizes, from wet-noodle plastic keyed toys to full-out piano action with touch sensitivity.)

A Computer with soundcard & midi in/out jacks (MAC or PC - doesn't really matter, aside from the software of your choice) to take the MIDI cues into it, and via the software (next item) make music. (You probably have one or the other already, esp if you're writing and posting on BB's like this, eh? ;-) )

A Software program (Garage Band for Mac, many others - like Cakewalk, etc. - for PC). These can range from the easiest, cheapest "Freeware" to many hundreds of $$. I'd say start slow, and find one that's good for what you want to do.

The computer will take the note/on, note/off, velocity information you create, via the MIDI cable/port, and use it to "Trigger" sounds stored in the computer (MIDI triggers or actual wav (audio) sounds) that correspond to the notes you've played. With those good old cheesey Farfisa's and Vox Continentals, you probably wont' have any velocity info, just note-on, note-off stuff, etc.) After-touch might even let you trigger a leslie or vibrato effect; each one is different.

There are good sample libraries for sale (at stores and all over the web, just use google) and many soundcards have at least one or two "60's Organ" preset to get you started. With sample libraries, you have more sounds, but you gotta pay to play, and then of course load them into RAM or Hard disc. With most low-end MIDI souncards, they're just triggering sounds, which may or may not be what you're looking for, sonically.

regardless, you can record these notes in real time, or just play along live, or enter them one at a time like you're composing. Most software systems will let you pick (MIDI voice or sampled recording) for what's needed at the time.

Hope that gets you started. Have fun!