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Anyone use Lucid DA9624?

I'm thinking of going to external converters. I track on a Mackie SDR and mix in Sonar, would probably use externals for tracking bass into the SDR if possible. I'd love to have the budget for Rosettas, not this year! A friend is using RME's, loves them. Any opinions on either one? Thanks.


jonyoung Fri, 09/24/2004 - 04:02

Thanks, maintiger. The friend with the RME's bought them on the recommendation of a friend who works at Apogee, confided in him that they were essentially the same quality for a lot less $$. He paid around $800 for an 8pack, same price as 2 channels of Lucid. Hopefully I can find a local merchant who carries both and will let me try both on approval. It would be nice to have the extra channels in case my board ever goes down, at least I could still do some tracking while the techs do surgery.