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Anyone using a Shure VP88 ?

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I'm thinking about trying this mic with my USBpre and an ibook running PT free for live stereo recording. I'd also like to check it out as an overhead in the studio.

Anyone here using this mic ? I'd appreciate any feedback.


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Richard Kuschel Wed, 04/24/2002 - 06:06
I have a VP88 and it is indeed noisy. Self noise is about (23 dBA)

It works well in loud environments (drum overhead or boiler factory).

Low frequency response is lacking.

It was really designed for ENG use as it is totally mono compatible.

I wish that they had used SM 81 capsuldesign for the cardioid rather than the SM 85 capsule with its extremely hyped high end.

Not terribly high output either, but general sound is better than other MS microphones until you spend over $1000. :w:

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drumsound Wed, 04/24/2002 - 21:36
I was just listening to some live tapes recorded with a rented VP88 direct to DAT. The mic was hung from the ductwork at the Beat Kitchen in Chicago. Four acts were recorded and they sound quite good. Of course the house mixer at the time (James Coffee) is one of my favorite live guys.


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PlugHead Thu, 05/30/2002 - 09:01

I also have a VP88: all the comments are pretty accurate - it is a bit noisy, and there are better mics for overheads, but I use mine primarily for field recording/ENG etc. tho using it in MS can be a really nice option for mixdown ( so long as the source is loud, and not extremely ambient...)


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