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Are M-Audio BX5a any good?

I have very low budget and this is only pair i can get. Are they good or atleast solid?
And yeah when ill mix hip hop with tham I'm thinking to connect my cheap home theater woofer for it. Is that wise or i should mix just with monitors?


Pro Audio Guest Tue, 02/20/2007 - 14:48
I haven't read not even one good thing about them in a lot of other forums for them from people who own them and are not satisfied and from people who have worked with them.

I'd suggest to pay a bit more and go for the Yamaha HS50M and in a later time you can add the yamaha sub that goes with them and have a very good monitoring system for the money.


Pro Audio Guest Sat, 03/03/2007 - 15:35
i have some they do the job but as far as being good they could be better they sound good when playing stuff but mix's on them tend to sound way different through other stuff ie they dont translate well obviously not a very flat response on them but thats just my ears and in no way an expert

get better stuff if you can if not they will do fine

hueseph Mon, 03/05/2007 - 13:36
This is my opinion. If they are within your budget, go ahead and use them. They're likely better than your computer speakers and regardless of what monitors you use, you will need to learn to work with the simperfections of both your room and your equipment. No room is perfect, so you will have potential problem to deal with.

Even in a pro studio, you need some sort of referrence point. Often the engineer will have an ear for his environment if he doesn't he will bring in a cd of something he is familiar with as a referrence to see how the room and the gear reproduce that material.

Long story short. The monitors may be a weak point, but you may have many weak points to deal with including your room, your mics, your software and not the least, your ears.

Learn to work with the tools available to you. Better tools will not make you a better engineer. Only practice will do that. Take your mix to different systems in different rooms, cars, ghetto blasters. Listen for problems. Re-mix and repeat.