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Are Micro ATX mobo's okay?

Hello. I'm a newb to, and I found this site after watching get less and less active.

I'm ready to build a new DAW (home-based amateur studio) due to age on the original system and to endless frustration with never really getting it stable. I've searched the forum and found a few "here's my system" posts with the Micro ATX (socket 939) mobos. Aside from the limited number of PCI slots, is there any reason to stay away from these? I haven't needed more than one slot for as long as I've been recording, so I'm not worried about that.

I have a non-music PC that I just built with an Aspire X-QPack case ( and a Jetway Micro ATX mobo with an AMD processor, and the system's been a dream. Of course, a DAW is a rougher environment. I'd like to build a music system based with another X-QPack case (they are even semi-portable with a handle). Since the mobo is always my biggest DAW blunder, I'm hunting for solid recommendations for Micro ATX mobos.

I use Sonar 5PE, and I'll be pulling this gear off my old system:
- Terratec EWS88MT (I know it's a quite old soundcard, but I love the breakout box and am not ready to pay for a new card with 8 inputs)
- Matrox dual-head video card (G450)

Thanks for any suggestions.