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We have:
Logic Plat. on a 933 PC.
A few modules...
A MOTU Timepiece..
Pro Tools HD 192..
A strong desire to incorporate MIDI into our endeavors...
and either too few brains or too few brains to get it working.
I have tried using the MOTU as the master.
I have tried using the 192 as the master.
I have NOT tried Major Nelson as the master.
I have tried Magic and Voodoo.
I have tried crying to invoke the sympathy of the machines. Heartless machines.

Please help. :s:


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21 years 2 months

Pro Audio Guest Thu, 03/20/2003 - 04:45
What do you want it to do?

Ultimately I would like to have the entire studio synched. Everything from the Acid and Logic on the PC, the P Tools on the Mac, the 3 blackface ADATS and any and all midi controllable devices within a 50 yard radius. Anything AUDIO at this point.

What isn't it doing?

Havn’t really got it to even sequence yet. A better understanding of Logic is definitely in order. As you see, much help is needed.

How do you have it hooked up?

:roll: on the 933 pc and 9.2 on the Mac G-4 933.

Which modules?

Not many. An old Korg UA something or other , 2 Alesis DR-5’s, Roland V-drums. If we could get midi working, we’d add a Triton or equivalent rack piece. Oh yea, we use an old Oberheim synth as the controller

I am looking at pg. 567 of TDM manual again (Chapter 35: Time Code Synchronization) I am thinking that SMPTE Trigger with an Externally Resolved Peripheral or SMPTE resolved with USD to be my best options if using MOTU as the master?