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Hi there,
I got myself a new PC, reinstalled Cubase with all licenses etc.. and it works fine.
Now I wanted to connect my Tascam 16x08 interface, so I got the latest driver. Note: the interface is at the studio, so I didnt connect it yet. Just wanted to install the 16x08 driver in advance.

So I did that, and it also shows up in Cubase to select in the studio settings. BUT as soon as I select it, it says "ASIO Driver Open Failure!"

Anybody here with similar experiences who could help out?

Windows 10
Cubase elements
Tascam 16x08
HP Envy


pcrecord Fri, 11/15/2019 - 06:36

manuel_trnd, post: 462664, member: 51458 wrote: Hi miyaru,

Thats what i Expected as Well. Is it the same with your drivers ? Gotta be really sure cause I have recordings next week and cant check it before they start.. ://

If you want to make sure everything works, plug the interface and make some tests.. Nothing worst than having problems with the artist(s) looking at you...

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