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I'm currently using an ART MPA Gold, M-Audio Tampa and DMP3 as my pres.
I mainly record vocals and occasionally guitar and bass.

I've read that upgrading the tubes in the ART MPA Gold makes a big difference to it's performance so I'm torn between upgrading these or selling all my pres and get the Audient Mico?

Are there people with experience with either of these here that could advise me?

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Cucco Sat, 05/02/2009 - 08:02

Wow - sorry this went by so long...
Audients haven't really caught on in a lot of studios. They offer stuff that isn't really appealing to the general populous - relatively clear preamps without any particular colorations and a name brand that's not as popular as API, Millennia, Neve, etc.

That being said - they're great pres and well worth the money. They're not AWESOME, but they are great. They're clean, open and smooth. If they leaned towards any direction, I'd say they're closest to a Grace but without that last little bit of refinement that the Grace seems to add so effortlessly.

However, I'm not familiar with the 2 channel model. I see it offers 1 standard channel and one "other" channel. Personally, if I'm getting a 2 channel pre, I'd like it to be pretty well matched. However, at that price, you could easily add a second later.

BTW - the ART MPA Gold is actually a pretty decent pre. Yes, you will notice a change by upgrading the tubes. However, it's not always a positive change. You'll want to make sure they're good - matched tubes. Don't skimp.



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