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Audio interface

Hi I'm looking for a pro audio interface with great quality converters, mostly I'm looking for many analog ins, as many as possible, under 1500$. I was thinking of buying the MOTU 24i/o Core system, what do you guys think?


Jeemy Tue, 09/28/2010 - 11:52
I'd second the FF800 - the difference between it and the Motu is very noticeable imho. I've not used any of the mixer/firewire solutions but have been very taken with the comments & responses about the ZED series and would certainly consider it. When I need a desk which does routing and conversion (read: headphone mixes, multiroom scratch tracks) I actually use a Ramsa DA7 desk which although not top-line is cheap and massively functional, the interfacing is an issue, I have ADAT outs for 16 digital outs and 2 more from SP/DIF but there are plenty of plugin cards for it - none Firewire or USB to my knowledge.