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Audio Interface + Preamp questions

Ive come to a standstill in my own research and I thought maybe someone around here could give me some advice/opinions. :D

So before I get to deep into this my first question is.
Do I Still need to buy another interface when I have an A/D converter like the ones listed below?
If so: Would my audigy 2 suffice for this, since the DAC's would be bypassed anyway?

So Ive found a couple candidates for both Interface/Dac's and Preamps.

+ Lucid AD9624
(With the DA9624 at the other end)
+ RME AD12
+Apogee Rosetta 200

Avalon "VT-737"
Grace "101"
Groove Tube "The Brick" (Dead Link Removed)

I need some help widdling this list down.

How important is a word clock?
What is my best option for Midi ins and outs? Keep the trashy Aud2 I have just for the Midi and run everything through Spdif? Or can I somehow buy a seperate midi controller?

To make things more complicated. Ive seen these two converters at my local pawn shop for what I think is a decent price. What can you tell me about them?
Apogee AD 8000
AVID Meridien 888 :


Member Sat, 09/02/2006 - 00:46
First, what are you trying to record? Will you be recording a full band? Will you being doing much composing and midi work? Will you be recording guitar and vocal tracks? Basically explain what you are trying to do with your DAW.

The Audigy 2 is a great soundcard for gaming and basic pc sound, but when it comes to pro audio recording you should get something a little more suitable for the task.

Wordclock is important if you want to connect many digital devices together and allow them to sync together correctly. If you are connecting many digital devices together like midi controllers, drum machines, etc into an interface then you will need something with wordclocking ability.

If you are only needing two channels of simultaneous input then I would suggest the Apogee Rosetta out of the ones you suggested on your list.

Out of the preamps you suggested it all really depends on what kind of sound you want to get out of them. Avalon are great tube amps and will typically provide a warmer sound for your mics. Grace make amazing clean preamps and will provide a transparent but full sound out of your mics whereas the Avalon's tubes will color the signal quite a bit. I'm not very familiar with the FMR "RNP" so I can't really say much about it. The Groove Tubes Brick is a great mic preamp and DI box, but it's not going to be as versatile as the Grace or Avalon preamps. Keep in mind of course that everything in Pro Audio is both relative to a budget and preference so don't take any of my opinions for what they are. See if you can't loan any of the equipment you've been looking up and try them yourself to get the best sound you need.

Let me know what kind of software you are going to be using, what connections you have on your PC (as some of the interfaces require firewire rather than USB), and what you are trying to do with your setup.