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Backline Mic-ing Hardware

I'm am looking for a link or name of a manufacturer that manufactures a mic holder/stand that can slide between the bottom of an amp and the amp's road case in which it sits. I would be using either SM57 or MD 409 mics with them. I've seen some of these used previously and they are great. If the amp moves the mic stays put and moves with it. I don't even know if this device has a trade name or not. Any help would be appreciated.


Pro Audio Guest Fri, 04/07/2006 - 07:20
you can easily suspend the 409, sliding the mic cable through the amp handle, or in between head and cabinet, which is actually done very often...

there are small mic stands by k&m (i believe)with a somewhat rectangular weight at the bottom instead of a round base or a tripod, but i have no idea whether these are slim enough to fit in between the amp and the amp dolly...

moonbaby Fri, 04/07/2006 - 14:03
My crew and I have made our own version of what you described. We take a piece of 3/4" plywood and cut it into an 8"w x 18"d rectangle, sanded smooth and sprayed with black flextone.Then we mount an Atlas
DS-7 (#?-its the adjustable model, and we put a short gooseneck on it) desk stand to one end of it by drilling 2 holes in the base and running bolts up through the bottom of the board. Can you visualize that?
Then all we have to do is pick up the combo or cab a few inches and shove this thing under it. By using the 3/4" thick plank, it bends but doesn't break (well, it may eventually, but..), is easy and cheap to fabricate for replacement, is super-stable for the mic, and it's just a matter of removing 2 bolts when I do need to replace the mic stand portion. No welding. No fancy adapters. And they can even be used under the chair of a bongo player! Also, this arrangement with the desk stand keeps the little rubber feet on it intact. That helps minimize rumble that an all-metal rig would not reduce as much. We nickname these puppies,"diving boards"!